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Purchased: Not for Sale provides a pathway of recovery for those who have experienced sexual exploitation or sex trafficking.

Reclaimed Recovery

The Reclaimed Recovery Program is an outpatient recovery program for teen girls 12-17 who are either high risk for sex trafficking or are identified survivors of sex trafficking.

This trauma-informed and biblically based program provides holistic care through mentoring, individual therapy, group therapy, recovery classes, field trips, online education, and much more.

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Reclaimed Homes

Reclaimed Homes is a program in partnership with the Department of Family Services. We seek to train foster families about sex trafficking and trauma-informed care so that they can become a safe and loving home to teen girls in the foster care system (who are high-risk population for sex trafficking). Whether you are already fostering a teen or would like to in the future, this program provides wrap-around support for both the teen in the home, and the foster parents.

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Volunteer At Purchased

Volunteers are used at every level of our ministry: mentoring, serving on outreach teams, teaching classes, tutoring, driving, and more. To serve with Purchased you must attend Hub: Equip training!

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